1. 09/18/2017: Graduate students Zitao Song and Kongyang Hou joined our group. Welcome! 

  2. 10/23/2017: Our paper on enhanced antimicrobial efficacy of porous bimetallic particles is now published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 

  3. 9/4/2018, Graduate students Zhaochuan Chen, Wei Wang, and Xiaoyang Li joined our group. Welcome! 

  4. 9/6/2018, Dr. Chen was selected as “innovative and entrepreneurial talent" of Jiangsu province.

  5. 12/1/2018, Our proposal on "Nuclear reactor heat removal" got financilly support from National MCF Energy R&D Program. 

  6. 8/26/2019, Graduate students Jianhong Zhou, Mingxiang Lu, Qi Zhao, Juncheng Qiu and Yuting Luo joined our group. Welcome! 

  7. 10/19/2019, Chenlu Qian won the second prize for oral presentation on 2019 heat and mass transfer conference of Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics. 

  8. 9/10/2020, Graduate students Kai Cheng, Chang Liu, Xin Meng, and Lu Wang joined our group. Welcome!